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20151027 - Captain Cook and the Secret Instructions - 27 October 2015 - 11:30 - Stream 1

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Captain Cook and the Secret Instructions


Classifications: Enabled, Upcoming Excursions

Provider: Botany Bay Environmental Education Centre


Presenter: Jan Rasborsek

Contact Email:

Date: 27 October 2015

Start Time: 11:30

End Time: 12:30

Duration: 1 hour

Closing Date: Bookings Close 12-Oct-15

Availability: DEC

DEC Positions: 4

Non-DEC Positions: 0

Price: $50.00

KLA Syllabus: Primary

KLA Stage/s: Stage 2

KLA Year/s:

Key Learning Area/s:

KLA Topic/s:

KLA Keyword/s: History, Science, Creative Arts


Event Overview: Investigate life on board the Endeavour and find out more about James Cook during this interactive video conference. Students will take on a character role and interact with Captain Cook.Through a shared reading of the text, Meet Captain Cook by Rae Murdie and Chris Nixon, students will come to know Captain Cook, the purpose of his journey, his skills in using navigational instruments and receive a wax sealed envelope with secret instructions to follow in their school grounds. After constructing a telescope, they will use a compass to follow the special orders to explore their school grounds with new eyes. They will observe and draw flora specimens just as Joseph Banks and Sydney Parkinson did when they landed in Australia.Students will consider different perspectives of the characters and the significance of the events during this voyage.

Booking Instructions:

Additional Booking Instructions: Botany Bay EEC will supply a Teacher Pack to support the VC; a wax sealed envelope with special instructions, a copy of the text, Meet Captain Cook. The text can be returned to the EEC or purchased for $22.00. The Teacher Pack contains post VC activities, useful links and resources.

Further Information: Character allocation. Students to be assigned a character role and encouraged to dress appropriately for the video conference. They could research their character to discover job description/ duties and relevant props that could be included.Characters to include:�� botanists, Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander�� an astronomer, Charles Green�� 2nd lieutenant �� 3rd lieutenant �� marines�� a one handed cook�� artists�� sailorsStudents to come to VC in the role of a character ready to board the Endeavour.They will interact with Captain Cook during the VC. Students will construct a telescope by rolling an A4 piece of paper and using sticky tape to hold it in place. Upon discovering a wax sealed envelope (hidden in the room) they will follow the Secret Instructions using the compass from a starting place in the school grounds. Teachers to direct this activity. With their telescopes they will view the school grounds with new eyes. The telescope will help frame the view with their own perspective.Drawing a plant species as viewed through the telescope the students will understand the work undertaken by the botanists and artists after arriving at Botany Bay. They will have approximately 15 minutes to complete this task and then return to the video conference.They will share their work during the video conference.

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