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20161107 - Dinosaur Day - Gondwana Garden - 07 November 2016 - 14:00 - Stream 1

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Dinosaur Day - Gondwana Garden


Classifications: Enabled

Provider: Australian Museum

Provider: Royal Botanic Gardens


Contact Email:

Date: 07 November 2016

Start Time: 14:00

End Time: 14.45

Duration: 45

Closing Date: Bookings Close 4-Nov-16

Availability: DEC and Non-DEC

DEC Positions: 6

Non-DEC Positions: 4


KLA Syllabus: Primary

KLA Stage/s: Stage 3

KLA Year/s: Year 5,Year 6

Key Learning Area/s: Science and Technology

KLA Topic/s: Investigating Scientically,The Natural Envirnonment

KLA Keyword/s: Gondwana, Dinosaurs, Jurassic Garden, Wollemi Pine


Event Overview: Bring dinosaurs and plants live into your classroom in this thrilling experience for your students.

Go back in time to when Australia was part of Gondwana 165 million years ago and meet Winny the Australian Museum's life size Muttaburrasaurus and discover dinosaur environments. Have the opportunity to use interactive technology from The Royal Botanic Gardens App Jurassic Garden during the video conference to bring dinosaurs live into your classroom. Learn fascinating facts about the ancient Wollemi Pine, giant Cycads and the plants of these ancient times.

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Further Information: Curriculum links


describe some physical conditions of the environment and how these affect the growth and survival of living things


Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment


The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment

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This event is proudly supported by Virtual Excursions Australia a video conferencing portal www.virtualexcursionsaustralia.com.au

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The principal of the school has received permission for each participating student to be photographed and for their image and voice to be recorded.
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