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20150715 - Introduction to the Great Barrier Reef - 15 July 2015 - 11:00 - Stream 1

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Introduction to the Great Barrier Reef


Classifications: Enabled, Upcoming Excursions

Provider: Reef HQ - Great Barrier Reef Aquarium



Contact Email:

Date: 15 July 2015

Start Time: 11:00

End Time: 12:00

Duration: 1 hour

Closing Date: Bookings Close 1-Jul-15

Availability: DEC

DEC Positions: 1

Non-DEC Positions:

Price: $350.00 (Gst inc)

KLA Syllabus: Primary,Secondary,TAFE,Other

KLA Stage/s: Early Stage 1,Stage 1,Stage 2,Stage 3,Stage 4,Stage 5,Stage 6,Students,Parents,Teachers,Other

KLA Year/s: Kindergarten,Year 1,Year 2,Year 3,Year 4,Year 5,Year 6,Year 7,Year 8,Year 9,Year 10,Year 11,Year 12,Students,Teachers,Other

Key Learning Area/s: Content Endorsed Courses,English,Geography,Human Society and its Environment,Life Skills Courses,Professional Development,Science,Science and Technology,Other

KLA Topic/s: Aboriginal Studies,Biology,Earth and Environmental Science,Environments,Geography,Human Society and Its Environment Life Skills,Marine Studies,Science Life Skills,Senior Science,Society and Culture,Talking and Listening,The Natural Envirnonment,Work and the Community Life Skills

KLA Keyword/s: Biodiversity, conservation, adaptations, climate change, teacher professional development, science, marine biology, human impacts, communities, environment, marine life, reef,


Event Overview: During the "Introduction to the Great Barrier Reef" videoconference, your students will participate in a virtual dive into Reef HQ Aquarium's Coral Reef and Predator exhibits and will have the oppurtunity to interact live with a SCUBA diver while they learn about the Great Barrier Reef. Students will learn about the diversity of reef creatures, the adaptations they possess and the role they play within the reef community. The presentation also explores the inter-relationships between marine creatures, threats to the reef and ways we can all help protect and look after the Great Barrier Reef. Should you have a specific focus or interest, our educators can tailor your presentation to meet the needs and learning objectives of your class. For example, other focus areas that can be included or expanded upon as part of the session include topics such as Climate Change and its effects of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Managing the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Human uses of the GBR. The program is facilitated by a team of highly qualified marine educators who are flexible in their delivery of presentations, which can be targeted to suit all ages and stages of learning.

Booking Instructions:

Additional Booking Instructions: Should you have specific needs or requirements, please contact the Reef HQ Aquarium education team.

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The principal of the school has received permission for each participating student to be photographed and for their image and voice to be recorded.
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