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20150223 - KEEPING THE UNIVERSE CONNECTED Meet NASA’S BADRI YOUNES - 23 February 2015 - 10:30 - Stream 1


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Classifications: Enabled, Events Not to be missed, Upcoming Excursions

Provider: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences


Presenter: The Mars Lab

Contact Email:

Date: 23 February 2015

Start Time: 10:30

End Time: 11:15

Duration: 45

Closing Date: Bookings Close 18-Feb-15

Availability: DEC and Non-DEC

DEC Positions: 5

Non-DEC Positions: 5

Price: Free

KLA Syllabus: Primary,Secondary

KLA Stage/s:

KLA Year/s:

Key Learning Area/s:

KLA Topic/s:

KLA Keyword/s: Science, Space, Physics, Astronomy, Science as Human Endeavour


Event Overview: “A modern-day human space program would be difficult if not impossible without
the constant coverage provided by the TDRS satellites. Anything you see going to space has to be enabled by us.” Badri Younes

If you need to ...
- keep track of orbiting satellites and interplanetary spacecraft
- ensure constant communication with the International Space Station
- relay high res images from Pluto later this year from the New Horizons flyby
- investigate the possibilities for enabling live stream video from Curiosity on Mars
- oversee the NASA Space Network (SN), Near-Earth Network (NEN), and Deep Space Network (DSN)
- develop systems to meet space communication and navigation demands decades into the future
... then Badri Younes from NASA’s SCaN department is the man to call!

In this special video conference event, Mr Younes will join us live in the Mars Lab studio during his upcoming visit to Australia. He will chat with young people and answer their questions about: the future of space communication, interplanetary exploration, humans as explorers, Australia’s role in space exploration and why NASA is a place where you can build and realise your dreams.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for your students to ask questions and discuss ideas with a distinguished NASA scientist and leader.

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