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20150720 - Kids Helpline @ School - 20 July 2015 - 10:30 - Stream 1

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Kids Helpline @ School


Classifications: Enabled, Upcoming Excursions

Provider: Kids Helpline @ School


Presenter: Kids Helpline Counsellor

Contact Email:

Date: 20 July 2015

Start Time: 10:30

End Time: 11:30

Duration: 1 hour

Closing Date: Bookings Close 21-Jul-15

Availability: DEC

DEC Positions: 1

Non-DEC Positions: 0

Price: FREE

KLA Syllabus: Primary

KLA Stage/s:

KLA Year/s:

Key Learning Area/s:

KLA Topic/s:

KLA Keyword/s:

Modules: Developing Resilience;

Event Overview: Kids Helpline @ School is a free program which allows Australian primary schools to invite Kids Helpline counsellors into their classrooms via video link or phone.Students get the opportunity to talk with a counsellor during a group discussion about things impacting on their lives. Sessions aim to improve mental health literacy in primary school aged children, promote resilience and encourage help seeking behaviours.The classroom based sessions do not offer individual counselling, however, the students are introduced to Kids Helpline which is our 24 hour, 7 day a week, free, telephone and online counselling service for 5 to 25 year olds. Students will be invited to contact us should they express the need for assistance during the classroom session.

Booking Instructions:

Additional Booking Instructions: Each session is available to 1 classroom size of students (roughly 30 students or less).We currently have 10 session topics available. Each session topic runs for approximately 45-60 minutes and is very interactive between the Counsellor and students.

Further Information:

Cancellation Policy:

Workflow Instructions:

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The principal of the school has received permission for each participating student to be photographed and for their image and voice to be recorded.
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