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20151201 - MARS MISSION 5 - 01 December 2015 - 13:30 - Stream 2

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Classifications: Enabled, Upcoming Excursions

Provider: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences



Contact Email:

Date: 01 December 2015

Start Time: 13:30

End Time:

Duration: 60 Minutes

Closing Date: Bookings Close

Availability: DEC and Non-DEC

DEC Positions: 1

Non-DEC Positions: 1

Price: $110 (Discount for RAM Equity)

KLA Syllabus: Primary,Secondary

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In this exciting 2 PART virtual excursion workshop, your students get the unique opportunity to drive a robotic rover via a web browser from your classroom across the Mars Yard (a re-creation of the surface of Mars) located at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

Led by the Mars Lab team via video conference, your students will explore the various landforms and features of the Martian surface to examine the history, geological evolution and potential evidence of past habitable environments on Mars. During the excursion your students will:

- Work collaboratively to plan their mission using a mapping application
- Practice driving the rover using a virtual simulation
- Work collaboratively to drive the rover to sites of interest on the Mars Yard
- Take photographs of sites of interest using the rover's camera

The program focuses on collaboration, planning, observation and scientific investigation.


Part 1| Introduction to Mars exploration and the Mars Lab (45 minutes)
Part 2| The mission (90 minutes) - TBD (Please book PART 2 by emailing book@maas.museum)

Part 1| Introduction to Mars exploration and the Mars Lab (45 minutes)

Via video conference, the Mars Lab team in Sydney will introduce your class to Mars exploration and the Mars Mission 5 activity. They will explain how the class will prepare for their Mars Mission.

Part 2| The mission (90 minutes)

The mission is the highlight of the session where mission teams get to drive the real robot rover and to play 5 different operational roles that will contribute to the successful completion of the mission. Students will use the rover to capture images of features and landforms associated with their clues for later analysis.

*For a more detailed outline of the program, please visit the Mars Lab website at: http://www.themarslab.org/unit/mars-mission-5/

Booking Instructions:

Additional Booking Instructions: This is a 2 part video conference. Part 2 can be booked at a convenient time for you class, but must be booked by contacting book@maas.museum.

Further Information: If you would like to request an alternate date and time, please contact book@maas.museum.

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The principal of the school has received permission for each participating student to be photographed and for their image and voice to be recorded.
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