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20160608 - English Video Conference Series: 'Talking Characters' - 08 June 2016 - 11:30 - Stream 4

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English Video Conference Series: 'Talking Characters'


Classifications: Enabled, Events Not to be missed, Upcoming Excursions

Provider: LEAP- Links @ Macquarie University


Presenter: Dr. Jane Messer

Contact Email:

Date: 08 June 2016

Start Time: 11:30

End Time: 12:20pm

Duration: 35 minutes + 10 minutes question time

Closing Date: Bookings Close 8-Jun-16

Availability: DEC

DEC Positions: 20

Non-DEC Positions: 0

Price: Free

KLA Syllabus: Secondary

KLA Stage/s:

KLA Year/s:

Key Learning Area/s:

KLA Topic/s:

KLA Keyword/s: English, Characterisation, Creative Writing


In this master class we focus on the creation of interesting and vivid characters in narrative fiction. We look at the ways in which students can draw upon their own experience, observation and imagination to create and write characters, and consider what makes a character memorable, exciting and someone we care about. Characters on the page need a different approach to characters in film or games, yet in the end the issues for the reader or viewer are the same: the character needs to matter to us. Craft and technique are covered, including the use of action, gesture and dialogue, to enable students to revise and improve on first drafts. A short writing exercise takes place during the session, so students will need pen and paper. This is a practical, hands-on presentation.

Jane Messer is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing in the Department of English, and Program Director for the Postgraduate Creative Writing program. She was awarded an Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2014. She is the founder and supervising editor of the creative writing student e-journal, The Quarry. Her books include the novels Night by Night, Provenance and most recently, Hopscotch, and she has published short stories, commentary, poetry and radio dramas. Jane believes that story-telling is native to the human spirit, that everyone can learn to write creatively, and that creative writing is a transferable skill which improves a person’s critical thinking, reading and writing in any genre.

Please Note: This session is aimed at stage 5 students. However, we always welcome students from other year levels if appropriate. Feel free to contact leaplinks@mq.edu.au if you have any questions or concerns.

Booking Instructions:

Additional Booking Instructions: The presentation will start promptly at 11.30am and conclude by 12.20pm - There will be 35 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes for students to ask questions.

Dial in Instructions:
1. To join the Video Conference you need to dial the VMR number, which will be sent to you on registration. This will allow you to see the presenter on your television screens.

2. To access the PowerPoint presentations on your Interactive White Board you will need to log into Adobe Connect. The URL address will be sent to you on registration.

Further Information: Email enquiries to:
Casey Featon
Email: leaplinks@mq.edu.au

Note: We do NOT film, photograph or record audio of the students so you do not need permissions to publish from your schools. If you have reservations about booking online due to this, please contact us at leaplinks@mq.edu.au

Recordings of this video conference series and others will be made available online. Register your interest at leaplinks@mq.edu.au if you would like to be notified when the recordings are available.

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