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Bookings are closed for this excursion.

Callback HSC Dance

Callback is the showcase of exemplary performances and compositions by HSC Dance students.

This booking gives access to the recordings of the 2019 matinee performances and the Q&A sessions with the performers and HSC markers that followed the performance. The video content provides an invaluable insight into the process and product of HSC major dance works. Performances of Callback have provided valuable demonstrations of HSC standards to Dance students and teachers since 1993. 

For more information on Callback go to The Arts Unit website using this link: 

For additional material including CallBack 2017, log into our Learning Hub and find a link to Callback 2017 under 'Latest Resources'

Bookings are closed for this excursion.
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The Arts Unit

Excursion Details

Provider Provider The Arts Unit
Contact Details Contact Details [email protected] 02 8512 1100
Date & Time Date & Time 20-Dec-2019 15:30
Availability Availability DEC: 300 Positions Available Non-DEC: 300 Positions Available
Stage 6
Year 12,Teachers
Creative Arts
Dance, Creative Arts, Callback, Secondary

Booking Instructions

Instructions on how to access the recording of Callback performances and facilitated Q & A session will be emailed to you after booking. 


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