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The Australian Museum is delighted to be partnering with IBM and Macquarie University to launch the IBM EdTech Youth Challenge.

This challenge is an applied learning experience for students to understand and identify issues around environmental sustainability, health concerns and disaster resilience and how artificial intelligence (AI) technology and design thinking methods can be used to tackle these problems.

The competition is open to high schools nationwide. Teachers with teams of students in Years 7 to 10 are invited to enter compelling projects where technology, with a focus on AI and machine learning, is applied to help solve existing or imminent problems facing society. A panel of judges will review submitted Project Logbooks and the team's video pitch identifying their project issue and proposed AI solution, with prizes awarded to the most compelling entries from teams in Stages 4 and 5.

Read below for more information on the IBM EdTech Youth Challenge competition dates, judging criteria and links to theAI Education for Teachers course and AI Foundations for students, which are available now.

Teachers can register now their interest in participating in the challenge and review the Project Guide and Project Logbook information and explore the challenge theme page links below. The challenge theme resources have been provided to inspire ideas and guide your student team project to explore, design and build an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to help make positive changes in your local community and beyond.


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Excursion Type Excursion Type On Demand
Provider Provider Australian Museum
Presenter Presenter Australian Museum
Contact Details Contact Details 02 9320 6222
Availability Availability Everyone
Year 7,Year 8,Year 9,Year 10
Science,Science and Technology,Technology
Environment, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Health, Natural Disaster


Requirements for this excursion Requirements for this excursion

To participate, you will need internet access and own devices to create your solution. 

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