Now and Then at Vaucluse House: Butter your Bread

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Bookings are closed for this excursion.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your Stage 1 class to meet with colonial gastronomer Jacqui Newling in the famous 1820s kitchen at Vaucluse House. During the early years of the colony of NSW this historic house was the home of the Wentworth family and their many servants. After checking what’s growing the kitchen garden, we will cross to the kitchen to investigate how technologies for preparing food have changed between the 19th century and today. Jacqui will explain how the servants made bread and baked it in the wood-fired oven, before we cross to the dairy to see how they made butter. Finally Jacqui will  lead your students step by step through the butter-making process, so they can make their own in the classroom before seeing how good it tastes on a piece of bread.  

Bookings are closed for this excursion.

Excursion Details

Provider Provider Sydney Living Museums (Historic Houses Trust)
Presenter Presenter Jacqui Newling
Contact Details Contact Details [email protected] 02 8239 2288
Date & Time Date & Time 31-Jul-2018 14:00
Duration Duration 45 Mins
Availability Availability DEC: 85 Positions Available Non-DEC: 25 Positions Available
Price Price Free
Stage 1,Stage 2
Kindergarten,Year 1,Year 2,Year 3,Year 4
History,Science and Technology
Modern History
The Past in the Present

Booking Instructions

Both NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) schools and non-DEC schools are welcome to attend Sydney Living Museums (SLM) videoconferences via DART Connections. There is a limit of one (2) schools per session for 'Law of the Land' and two (2) schools per session for 'A Convict Story'. Live events take multiple bookings.

To ensure maximum interactivity we recommend class size not exceed 30 students. Sessions will generally last for one hour and include time for students to ask questions. Pre-event material is included in the cost and will be sent to the teacher via email prior to the session.

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ALL INQUIRIES CONTACT The Learning Team Naomi Manning T 02 8239 2473 e. [email protected]



Further Information

Requirements re ingredients and equipment for schools

• One glass jam jar or similar per 4 students

• 1 small bouncy ball per jar. To fit in jar and agitate the cream.

• Fresh pouring cream (not thickened) to fill jar to height of bouncy ball (one container probably enough for 4 groups.

• T-towel/paper towel

• Sieve to strain butter milk from butter

• Bowl for buttermilk and plate for butter

• Bread and butter knife to spread butter for students

• Loaf of bread to serve butter on for students.

Further Information

SLM requires at least eight (8) working days notice prior to the session for cancellations. Cancellations received less than eight (8) working days prior to the session and 'no shows' will incur a charge of the full program price.

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