Michael Kasumovic

Sydney, NSW, 2019

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Arludo provides immersive class incursions where students perform experiments with scientists using mobile devices. At Arludo, our goal is get students excited about science and to get them thinking scientifically.

We have a team of enthusiastic PhD students trained to lead digital incursions where your students use mobile apps to run scientific experiments and collect data in real time. In this way, your students are directly involved in the science rather than just watching it happen, and they have the opportunity to learn from and interact with practicing scientists.

Students can learn about ecology, evolution, physiology, animal mating systems and more by becoming the animals that they are learning about. And as they behave like the animals, they collect data that is discussed by the PhD student leading the incursion.

See more about what Arludo doeshere and how simple it is to usehere.

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