Information for Providers working with DART CONNECTIONS

A provider is any person, institution or organization that provides curriculum enriching content to schools via video conferencing.
A provider can deliver one-off events, or regular sessions that New South Wales Department of Education and Comunities schools can book via Connections.
Connections are the gateway for providers to get their content into the NSW DET schools. 
We provide:
  • a centralised website where teachers/principals/staff know to go to for curriculum enriching video conferencing excursions
  • the ability to promote your event through our website’s booking system
  • promote your event to our list of subscribers
  • promote your event through various internal NSW DET systems
  • discuss video conferencing protocol with the attendees to help make your event run smoothly
  • technical support of the video conference allowing the presenter to focus on delivering the content
  • a list of attendees and their contact details as well as pre-defined questions if you require it
Ideally, a potential content provider should be ready to commit to engaging with schools via video conferencing either by having their own video conferencing equipment or be happy to travel to a NSW DET facility where video conferencing equipment is available.

For ongoing content providing from organisations or institutions, a pilot event must first be conducted with the Connections Team for approval.

If you are wishing to become a Connections provider, please contact us

Once you are an established Connections provider, you are responsible for posting your events on the website. The Connections Team are happy to assist with your listings and provide any information you may require.

No. But we can advise on appropriate kits, compatible brands and installation strategies.
Contact Connections for further information.
The Connections Team have resources to assist you in producing your video conference.  Time seems to be our biggest constraint, so the more planning you can do with us, the more we should be able to assist.  Our team can help you by offering their services with:
  • high quality video camera filming
  • video editing facilities
  • ability to do wireless productions
  • lapel microphones
  • highly qualified and capable staff
If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact the Connections Team.
  • Make sure your presentation is highly interactive.
  • Provide access to something they may not be able to do even if they visited your venue 
  • Consider backdrops – what they are going to see?
  • Extraneous noise
  • Content appropriateness to age/stage/curriculum (hyperlink to NSW board of studies).
  • Minimise pre-recorded content and PowerPoint.  Should be highly interactive.
  • Appropriate cameras and technology designed to meet presentation requirements. For example:
     - Document camera
     - Lapel microphones
     - Lighting
     -Time of questions and open dialogue
  • Don’t just be a talking head.  Bring in props to show. 
  • Don’t wear stripy or patterned shirts.

View our help videos for further assistance

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