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The Museum offers mobile virtual tours through our many permanent and temporary galleries, as well as theme-based VC programs. Video conferences and virtual tours may be advertised here for set times and dates but can also be arranged upon request through our email: [email protected] The National Museum of Australia is the repository of thousands of stories of Australian history, told through a vast collection of objects and artefacts. The Museum's permanent galleries present exhibition content based upon the themes of our connection with the land, Indigenous history and culture, Australia since non-Indigenous settlement, migration to and from our country, and defining moments in Australian history. A dynamic program of special exhibitions adds to the Museum's investigation and presentation of stories, ideas and history. In 2018 we have special exhibitions on Islamic art and culture, the Maralinga nuclear tests and their impact on Indigenous Australians, and Rome – City and Empire (from the British Museum). The Museum's suite of education video conference programs covers the topics of Indigenous Rights and Freedoms, making the nation of Australia, investigating historical sources, Australian inventions and innovations, post-Second World War migration and other topics upon request. The education video conference programs are delivered by Museum educators and use a mixture of object interrogation, inquiry-based learning, student interaction and audio-visual information. The programs are designed with links to the Australian Curriculum-History and Geography, and are suitable for students from Year Four to Year Twelve. Pre- and post-program activities may be provided to teachers and students to add more value to the videoconference connections, and to assist students in gaining better learning experiences.

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